Water Blues Green Solutions Community Events

Water Blues Green Solutions is an interactive film project, telling the stories of communities creating green solutions for our water blues – flooding, pollution, and scarcity.

The film can act as a catalyst for community discussions where people can share ideas, communicate local issues, build lasting relationships, and plan for the future.

  • Panel Discussions
  • Local Call-in Shows
  • Local Video and/or Audio Productions
  • Public screenings of the Documentary
  • Community Meetings
  • Local Events

Media for Use When Running an Event

Although you may run a screening event where you watch the entire documentary, many groups might find it useful to utilize segments that are very specific to a local community issue. Our DVD and website have been designed with these needs in mind.

Using the DVD

The Water Blues Green Solutions DVD has been chaptered for your convenience. View the entire documentary, or pick and choose from the segments that are applicable to your community and water issues.

Order DVD

Using this Website

You can create your own pathway through the stories on this site to provide the most relevant content for your audience.

  • Watch the introduction from the landing page (waterblues.org) -or- select "introduction" from the "themes" section of the sidebar menu on the home or interior pages
  • Select "Explore Stories" from the landing page (waterblues.org) and then select a location or theme to create a playlist of stories that are most applicable to your community and water issues.

Event Materials

Download All Event Materials

One convenient .zip package (81.3 MB) containing all of the materials that you will need to plan your event!

See below the "Download Individual Event Materials" if you have only a specific need.

  • Discussion and Event Guide
  • Powerpoint Template
  • Event Postcard Design
  • 11x17 Poster
  • Logos
  • Press Photos
  • 2'x3' Posters
  • Social Media Skins
  • Web Banners

Download All Event Materials (81.3 MB .zip file)

Download Individual Event Materials

Discussion and Event Guide

Print & Presentation Materials

Social Media Skins

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Web Banners

Web Banners Web Banners Web Banners

Photos and Logos